CCC6 Day #8 (24/08/2017)

Order and Chaos Today was an ambivalent day for my goup. Actually, we wanted to work less in the field and get more by structuring our research and our data. We went to the botanical garden to make a change of location. Sometimes a change of physical location can also create a critical distance to one's... Continue Reading →


CCC6 Day #7 (23/08/2017)

Research is full of surprises, at least sometimes. This is how the research team “Red Mirror” can summarize the events that happened in the field today. But before describing the day I will shortly introduce you to what our research team is up to. We are very interested in the role of students and young... Continue Reading →

CCC6 Day #4 (20/08/2017)

Today, on this sunny and hot day in Tbilisi, the research groups had the possibility to explore the field. After breakfast groups gathered in several places of our accomodation - in the backyard, veranda and salon - to develop ideas about their research projects and main interests. They did research on their topics by reading... Continue Reading →

CCC6 Day #3 (19/08/2017)

  After a short warm-up program where the groups had to represent a static image with their own body´s, we tried to create a common theoretical basis  to analyze social movements. Great questions arose. What are social movements? How can you define them? How can they be distinguished? We could not answer these questions but... Continue Reading →

CCC6 Day #2 (18/08/2017)

Tbilisi State University was the place, where the student groups from all the four countries and their future supervisors got to know each other today. After the introduction to the project, the research teams were composed, while in each of the teams one participant of each country is present now. Finally and excitingly, the stage... Continue Reading →

Documentary film on CCC to be shown in Tbilisi

Mission Possible: Caucasus Conflict Culture Four young researchers travel to the Caucasus. They discover the much-debated Muslim heritage in the predominantly Christian Georgia. Maka, Evelyne, Bayram and Gevorg hail from Georgia, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. They explore not only a controversial and topical subject, but also learn about anthropological research in the direct interaction with... Continue Reading →

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