Researching Civic Activism

This picture by the journalist Onnik James Krikorian was shot during the protests in Vake Park, Tbilisi in 2014. Numerous activists protested against the construction of a hotel inside the central park in the Georgian capital. Social activism like this will be the focus of this year’s student research project Caucasus Conflict Culture (CCC6). This increasing... Continue Reading →

CCC5 day #9 (13.04.2016)

This was the day of the presentations.It is always a very intensive day in the CCC-projects which marks the end of our joint researches. During the morning some groups still continued to work on their presentations and to discuss them with their supervisors. The group I-Club5, our new film stars in the team, was again... Continue Reading →

CCC5 day #8 (12.04.2016)

From the outside perspective it may look like if the student participants are working on their final presentations and that the supervisors are simply playing pool. At a closer look you would see how nervous the supervisors are: each group has one or two so-called "supervisors" to help them - if needed - during their... Continue Reading →

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