CCC5 2016

Caucasus, Conflict, Culture 5

Contested Religious Spaces: Constructions of Mosques and Churches in Adjara / Georgia (Batumi, 05.-14.04.2016)

The student research project focused on the ‘spatialisation of culture’ (S. Low) in a disputed environment at the example of religious buildings in Batumi. The city on the Black Sea has a strong Muslim past but the Georgian Muslims are in a difficult position between the Georgian government influenced by the Orthodox Church and the Turkish government who aims at supporting the Muslim heritage in Adjara. The city is characterised by numerous (re)constructions of Christian Churches while the Muslim population is not allowed to build a second mosque in Batumi. The student research project researched on the contested religious space in relation to the building of concrete religious buildings. Another core aim of the project was to enable the experience of working together in multi-national teams in the South Caucasus. The research of the students was be accompanied by a documentary film project.

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