Documentary film on CCC to be shown in Tbilisi

Mission Possible: Caucasus Conflict Culture

Four young researchers travel to the Caucasus. They discover the much-debated Muslim heritage in the predominantly Christian Georgia. Maka, Evelyne, Bayram and Gevorg hail from Georgia, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. They explore not only a controversial and topical subject, but also learn about anthropological research in the direct interaction with people on the ground. Most of all, however, the film shows an example of harmonious teamwork despite the region’s tense political constellation.

Documentary film by Julien Diebel
Germany/Georgia 2016, 37 min
Language: Englisch

Time: 17.08.2017, 18:00
Venue: კინოს სახლის კინოდარბაზი / Cinema House
52 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi

After the movie screening there will be the possibility to speak about the fim and the CCC-projects. The film director will be present.

Admission is free but the amounts of seats are restricted. There will be a guest list. The participants of CCC6 will automatically be put on this list. We kindly invite all former participants of CCC1-5! Please write to in order to secure your seat.


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