CCC6 is about to start

In one month CCC6 will start in Tbilisi. We will work two weeks on the topic of social activism in Tbilisi. Follow us here with blogs and pictures from our student research project.

On the late afternoon on 17.08.2017 we will meet together and watch in a cinema in Tbilisi the documentary film by Julien Diebel (“Mission Possible: Caucasus Conflict Culture”), which was shot in April 2016 in Batumi during CCC5. We will invite all former participants of the CCC-projects who will be in Tbilisi at this moment.

In the first days we will conceive the research groups, provide an introduction into the topic and most especially get to know each other. The idea is that we conceive student research groups of 4-5 people. In each group has to be at least one student from the participating countries (AR, AZ, GE, DE).

These groups will work together all along during CCC6, that is they conceive their research topic, research and present their results together. The groups are free to develop their own research question. Each group has 1-2 advanced researchers from the organising team as advisers during the entire runtime of the project.

There will be 6-7 days of fieldwork on the spot in Tbilisi.

In the last two days the teams will work, with the assistance of the supervisors, on their final presentation. This will take place on 29.08., followed by a Georgian banquet (supra) at the end. On 30.08. is departure day.


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