CCC5 day #10 (14.04.2016)

Departure day. There was no time for good-byes. Few of us had to leave in the early morning, others some hours or even one day later. Nobody envies those who have this long trip back to Baku or Yerevan.

The time between the end of the supra and the departure was very short. Some tried to sleep, other continued with some post-supra party. This post-supra period is documented on facebook, but the pictures are blurred and wiggly. They hide more than they show. This is perhaps better like this.

With CCC5 we had a difficult start. The endless Nagorno-Karabakh War blazed up just before our meeting in Batumi. We were not sure how this would affect our project. But it also showed how it is important to bring young people from the Caucasus together. “The decision-makers of the future” – this is what the DAAD writes in the description of the funding initiative out of which the money for our projects come.

The open military operations stopped with the start of CCC5: there is of course no direct link, but it helped us in Batumi.

The words of the tamada (toastmaster) Ruslan still echoes in our ears. There was one toast on the future and for CCC6. Who knows what happens in the next months? In Batumi, we did not speak – except in toasts – on a possible new application. CCC5 was great, and it is always better to stop with something great. And again: CCC5 was great, and why shall we not try to do it again?


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