CCC5 day #9 (13.04.2016)

This was the day of the presentations.It is always a very intensive day in the CCC-projects which marks the end of our joint researches. During the morning some groups still continued to work on their presentations and to discuss them with their supervisors. The group I-Club5, our new film stars in the team, was again closely followed by the documentary film maker. We are all looking forward to see the film, Julien!

At 15h started the presentations. We had a special guest: Giorgi Cheishvili, PhD-Student in Norway, and former participant of CCC1-3 wanted to listen to the presentations. He conducts in this moment research among Georgians living in Turkey.

We heard five impressive presentations for the groups. As all groups did conduct research in the same area and all framed by the topic religion and Muslim heritage in Adjara, the presenters had the possibility to link their presentations to the ones of their colleagues. Even though the young reseachers were only five day in the field it was impressive to listen to the results full of intersting new perspectives and extremly rich of details.

As we are in Georgia, the end of the student research project consists of course in a Georgian supra with toasts and dances. Our toastmaster Ruslan navigated us perfectly through the evening and offered some impressive introduction into an important Georgian tradition. Some participants will remember now for ever why our toastmaster asked the waiter for a horn …


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