CCC5 day #8 (12.04.2016)

From the outside perspective it may look like if the student participants are working on their final presentations and that the supervisors are simply playing pool. At a closer look you would see how nervous the supervisors are: each group has one or two so-called “supervisors” to help them – if needed – during their research and presentation. Tomorrow, before the presentation of “their” group, the supervisors have to introduce their group with a laudatio. But now, 24h before the presentations, the supervisors are nervous, tensed and cannot think normally. What will their group do? For this reason they have to play pool: they have to calm down. It is not about playing …

The groups conducted their final interviews, made their final observations or paid a last visit to the village. After this the group did meet in various corners in the hotel in order to prepare their presentations. Tomorrow, each group is asked to do a presentation of around 20 minutes followed by a discussion. Even though the presentations are not the most important part of CCC5 they are nevertheless the final of the official part of the programme.


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