CCC5 day #7 (11.04.2016)

One of our groups – they entitled themselves – “I-Club5” is closely trailed by the documentary film maker Julien Diebel. As Julien cannot follow the five research teams of CCC5 at the same time he decided to select one group and to follow it during the entire project. He could have done his film with the other groups as well.

“I-Club5” mainly did conduct its research in a village near Batumi and observed everyday life between Christian and Muslim religion. They were warmly received by the local population and even the camera was not a problem. Today Julien invited the group into the Botanical Garden near Batumi. Here, the students – in front of the camera – presented themselves and eventually discussed about the project and their expectations. We will see their answers when the film will be ready.

In the evening all groups met for a plenary session. They reported on their research conducted so far and the plans for the next day. In two days the final presentations are scheduled. The biggest challenge will be here to choose from the rich amount of material those aspects which fit to the research questions. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the most important thing of CCC5 is not the final presentation but the group experiences and researches preceding it.


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