CCC5 day #4 (08.04.2016)

Sunny exploration day. After the first encounters with the religious sites in the last days, the five student groups began to realize their ideas in the field. Since today was Friday, it was no coincidence that three of the groups met at the mosque. They were guided by the wish to observe the surroundings of the Friday prayer and to use this occasion to make the first connections with the local Muslim people. The Internet articles which we used for the preparation of the excursion are not lying: On Fridays, the Orta Jame mosque is full. The students were witnesses of people praying on the street next to the mosque.

“Borders of Wine” redesigned their topic to get closer to the identity question of young Muslim Georgians. After visiting the mosque, they rushed to the meeting with a group of young students of the Shota Rustaveli University to plan their further research process.

“Great Georgian Grapes” introduced their challenging plan of researching the interreligious relations in Batumi. Today, they have already visited some of the religous places like the Cathedral Church to get in touch with the visitors of the sites.

“DECARAJGE” immerged extensively into the field around the Batumi mosque as well. There they got involved in interesting conversations with people about the “Turkey-Islam-Georgia” connection among others.

“I-Club-5” is the group which travelled to the countryside and discovered ბირჟაa common communication space, a place for religious dialogue as well. During their stay in the village they adressed many topics worth further research.

“TTLL” developed their idea to explore the space around religious places in the centre of Batumi. Now they are focusing on the usage of the locations around the mosque and the interaction of the different impulses.

We are content about the first day in the field(s) and are looking forward to the upcoming ones!


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