CCC5 day #3 (07.04.2016)

During the morning took place, first, the formation of groups. Each group is composed of at least one participant from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Germany. Second, the individual groups gave themselves interesting names such as “TTLL”, “DECARAJGE”, “I-Club 5”, “Great Georgian Grapes” or “Borders of Wine”. Third, each group decided then in which direction they want to research, like on interrelegious relations in families, on being Muslim in Georgia, on the performance of religious life in rural Adjara, etc.

The afternoon was marked by presentations on religious minorities in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Sergey Rumyansev spoke in relation to old and contemporary religious sites in Baku on religious minorities and the pseudo-secular state policy. Hamlet Melkumyan presented us of religious practice of Yezidi at their shrines.

Tomorrow the new formed groups will spent their first day of research in the field. For those visiting Muslim religious places in Batumi or in villages might be a good stay to start. Tomorrow is Friday.


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