CCC5 day #1 (05.04.2016)

Seefront in Batumi

We were not sure with the recent fights around Nagorno Karabakh what effects these might have on our student reseach project. Would all participants really come? We are impressed and proud – they all will join: the Azerbaijani group travelled from one side of the Caucasus to the other and arrived exhausted in the afternoon. The Armenian group will come a day later in a day-long marshrutka ride from Yerevan for which they are not envied. The particpants from Germany took the plane to Batumi and the Georgians had also a comfortable ride.

The first get-together in the evening was rather casual. The main points to do here were to get to know each other and especially to speak on the documentary film project on CCC5. During the next days you can witness multi-national student groups walking in Batumi and followed by a camera. We are all looking forward to see the final film.

We did not have a special program for the first day, because we knew that the way to Batumi for some participants would be long. The day ended with a joint dinner and a walk along the seafront in Batumi with the green-lighted palm trees and the promise of the weather forecast that spring will arrive soon.


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