Documentary Film

Film making at sunset (P: Krech, Wiki commons)
Film making at sunset (P: Krech, Wiki commons)

This time the organisers of ‘Caucasus, Conflict, Culture’ decided to do a new step in promoting their innovative approach of their student research project. The project will be accompanied by the professional young film maker Julien Diebel. He is a photo- and cinematographer from Germany. He made his diploma in media technology in the field of audio visual media production at the University of Applied Science Hamburg. Since 2014 Diebel is living in Georgia, working on his films and photography projects. He found out about ‘Caucasus, Conflict, Culture’ in 2013, when he was in Georgia for a documentary about former German villages in Georgia. At this time, ‘Caucasus, Conflict, Culture’ conducted research in these villages. Some of his works at:

The documentary film aims at showing how the participating students from the conflictual Caucasus regions and Germany carry on their own research in multinational team, about their challenges and tensions in the team which may appear and, finally, how they work together on the same thing – the joint research project. Julien Diebel will accompany the students during research. Through interviews the students will be invited to tell about themselves, their motivations to join the project, their experience of research and joint work in the team.


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