CCC10 #10 (07/09/2022)

What a week! What a summer school! CCC10 ended with a great supra the night before and with a very early flight for some of us. Only a few could rest till they left for their hometowns, but resting was not on our minds after all. We said goodbye to our new friends we made... Continue Reading →

CCC10 #09 (06/09/2022)

Today we finally got to present our research to the other groups in form of a City Tour. We started at the Deda Ena Monument in the Deda Ena Park. Here we analyzed the sculpture, it´s writings and the usage of symbols. The group focused in their research on how people walking by the sculpture... Continue Reading →

CCC10 #08 (05/09/2022)

Today, we met for the last time at the university to reflect on our experiences during the fieldwork. First, we asked ourselves what we learned, what we have wished for, and what we would have done differently. We talked about those questions with members of different groups so that we learn more about them on... Continue Reading →

CCC10 #07 (04/09/2022)

Let's go on excursion!! After a short stop, equipped with snacks, coffee and other drinks, we continued the trip to our destination, the monastery David Gareja near the Azerbaijani border. On the way we could observe how the landscape became more and more dry and empty. Arriving at the monastery we could contemplate the old... Continue Reading →

CCC10 #06 (03/09/2022)

Today was the last day of the field trip. The four groups finished their researches fighting the heatwave like professionals. One group discussed the concept of solidarity and if art is often used as an expression for solidarity.The second group debated their observations during the field trip and the interviews with the locals . The... Continue Reading →

CCC10 #05 (02/09/2022)

On the second day of research all international groups were spread all over Tbilisi working in the field. The Cool Caucasus Cats went to Tsereteli to finish their observations on the visible expressions of solidarity according to the war in the Ukraine and started to evaluate the findings. The Creative Phoenix conducted interviews in Fabrika,... Continue Reading →

CCC10 Day #04 (01/09/2022)

After three days of theoretical input, the international research groups started brainstorming about what to find out in the coming three days of research. All groups organised their research day by themselves and had one meeting with their supervisors. The first day was mainly used to brainstorm how to approach the different topics and to... Continue Reading →

CCC10 Day #02 (30/08/2022)

Today we started - again after a really good breakfast - with different Inputs on the topic of our summer school. Firstly we heard a lecture on "Socialist in Content, Nationalist in Form: Mosaics Masters of Azerbaijan in the Quest of the National Socialist Forms" by Bairam Akhundov, one of our supervisors/ mentors in the... Continue Reading →

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