CCC8 – A reflection

A few days have passed since CCC8 came to an end, and what an end it was. Georgian music still in my ear and the taste of Georgian food still in my mouth I sit here, smiling when I think of our last evening together at the Supra, the traditional Georgian banquet. The table sitting... Continue Reading →

CCC8 Day #12 (04/09/2019)

Time flies - our last day of CCC8 begun! After a delicious breakfast, we headed out to the Tbilisi State University, where the last preparations and rehearsals were made for the final presentations of our fieldwork. The first group started with an interactive presentation about what makes Chiatura, Chiatura. We learned about the diverse perspectives... Continue Reading →

CCC8 Day #11 (03/09/2019)

Back in Tbilisi, I particularly noticed one thing - even though Tbilisi as Georgia's capital is so much bigger than Chiatura, it seemed to have more quiet spots. Chiatura was a great and interesting experience with a lot of memorable moments, but being honest - the trucks transporting the manganese and passing by our breakfast-terrace... Continue Reading →

CCC8 Day #09 (01/09/2019)

The last day of fieldwork began with chachapuri and pizza for breakfast. After this rich meal, the majority of the participants went to the Historical Museum of Chiatura, a place, where the city`s history is portrayed. The exhibition was quite interesting and covered a lot of things, from ancient history to recent representation of the... Continue Reading →

CCC8 Day #07 (30/08/2019)

Here we are, right in the middle of our research process, spending the second official research day in Chiatura. But observation didn’t just start during our field trips – it already began during breakfast on the balcony, checking out the happenings on the street right in front of us… For example: The “caterpillar-bulldozer-man”. We asked... Continue Reading →

CCC8 Day #05 (28/08/2019)

We left Borjomi, the place of our preparation workshop, today to go to Chiatura where we will be conducting fieldwork during the next five days. After a very nice ride through mountains and forests we arrived in the afternoon.   On the way to Chiatura The first challenge of the day was finding a place... Continue Reading →

CCC8 Day #04 (27/08/2019)

Our fourth day in Borjomi started with inputs on how to develope a research question, how to get into the field and what to keep in mind  about research ethics. After that, each team got together and developed their research questions and planned their approach for the upcoming fieldwork in Chiatura. In the afternoon everyone... Continue Reading →

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