Publication in relation to CCC3

In 2013 our student research project focused on Caucasus Germans: Conflictual Relations in a Multiethnic Region. 200 years ago the German colonists did arrive to the Caucasus. Also based on researches made during CCC3 an article was recently published in Caucasus Survey. Prologue to a restoration foretold: negotiating heritage in a former German village in... Continue Reading →


CCC6 revisited

It has been over two months that the previous Caucasus Conflict Culture has come to an end. Fortunately, not for me. I am one of those lucky ones who have received the possibility to stay in the frame of it for a little longer. As it goes, I am currently spending two months in Georgia,... Continue Reading →

CCC6 Day #10 (26/08/2017)

As the other groups presented their research project during the past days, today I would like to present the investigation of the final group. In comparison to the other groups that rather focused on a particular group or space, we concentrated on the relation between politics and social activism, especially in the case of Aleko... Continue Reading →

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